I'm Kennedy; a brand storyteller, creative producer and content marketer. 
Seattle born. Michigan bred. London trained. LA living. 
I believe in creating authentic content, relationships and programming to make cool s**t. Traveled to over 18 countries, lived in 2 outside the US. I have a proclivity towards Mediterranean beaches, food, and I carried hot sauce in my bag before Beyoncé.

Creative collaboration is my jam. 

My specialties: 

  • Stills & Motion Production
  • Art Buying
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Art Direction
  • Casting
  • Amazing on-set playlists

I've done and can do:

  • Location Scouting 
  • Event Programming
  • Project Management
  • Social Strategy
  • Talent Wrangling

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